To sit back and relax in a sauna is the perfect way to rejuvenate both body and soul.  Saunas can be traced back to ancient history – from the Turks, Greeks and Romans to the Aztecs.
Every sauna starts with a shower.  Afterwards, scrubbed clean and armed with a towel to sit on, you step into the sauna.

Ladle a little water over the hot stones now and then, setting the air quivering with heat and feeling the warmth penetrate deep into your skin.

Once you begin to perspire heavily, it’s time for another visit to the shower.  Now your pores are open and you can wash yourself really clean.  Then return to the sauna to relax and unwind, emerging occasionally to cool down with an invigorating shower.  Round off by pouring more water over the sauna stones before leaving for a final shower.

Wet saunas are best enjoyed at temperatures of 75-90°C in a relative humidity of 20-35%.  If you prefer a dry sauna, without sprinkling water on the stones, humidity is only 5-10% and you can increase the temperature above 90°C.

Today, installing a sauna at home is no longer beyond the reach of most families.  They come in a diverse range of sizes, types and designs for both indoor and outdoor locations to suit every budget.  There are small cabins available to integrate into an existing bathroom as well as large luxuriously appointed individual sauna rooms.  Whether you’d like to relax by yourself or with your family, or socialise in the sauna with friends or relatives, you cannot fail to appreciate the benefits of an invigorating sauna.