Hot Tubs

Improve your wellbeing, relieve your stresses, aches, pains and tension…. Let Jacuzzi do the hard work, while you lie back and relax in the hot soothing waters allowing the powerful therapeutic jets to massage your entire body. The sheer wonderful enjoyment of this luxury experience has to be tested to be believed.

Hydrotherapy, massage, aromatherapy and ergonomic seating are all commonly prescribed methods of treating a host of physical conditions. Owning a hot tub gives you the opportunity to experience these treatments in the comfort and privacy of your own home every day, all year round, whatever the weather, whatever the time.

Your Jacuzzi will also become a great place to socialise with your family and friends and of course, provides the perfect romantic setting for you to spend some quality relaxing time with your loved one.

A Jacuzzi hot tub is built to perform. Every hot tub combines the most advanced spa technology with world-class construction, top of the line service and an extensive warranty to give you total peace of mind. Our attention to detail contributes to your complete comfort and enjoyment. Engineered for ease of use, strength and carefree maintenance, a Jacuzzi hot tub will deliver you a lifetime of pleasure.

Each Jacuzzi hot tub has a range of jets designed to pin-point areas of your body to create your own unique feel and therapeutic focus. From the muscles in your neck down to the tips of your toes, a Jacuzzi hot tub has you covered.

Unlike other hot tubs, a Jacuzzi gives you a 10 year warranty on the hot tub structure, 7 years on the interior surface, 3 years on plumbing, electrical components, equipment and controls. Our philosophy guarantees your complete satisfaction. Peace of mind all the time….

With 15 models of Jacuzzi hot tubs, all with a host of different accessories to choose from, the Sales Team at Barton Lake are specifically trained to ensure that your final decision is the perfect hot tub to suit your every need.