Company News

New Joint Venture

Barton Lake are pleased to announce joint venture partner ships with many UK building companies where we feel our spas and saunus would be a welcome addition to the products and services they offer clients.

Traditionally building companies provide turnkey projects for living room, kitchen and loft extensions but now, they can purpose build leisure areas to include a wide range of spas and saunas that Barton Lake can offer.

Our first collaboration has been with 3 London building companies, Chiswick Lofts, Dulwich Lofts South London and Fulham Lofts.

All see tremendous growth potential in and around the London area and are excited about our new business venture.

Barton Lake Is Pleased To Announce A New Joint Venture For All Your Swimming Pool Desires

This is wonderful news for all our customers. Both companies have been established for over 20 years and by combining their expertise, showroom facilities and wide product ranges our customers will benefit from an even faster more efficient service with the added bonus of 7 days a week retail.

We are all very excited about this new enterprise and hope that you will all be as pleased.

The business will be based in Bolton and will be run from Barton Lake’s extensive showroom with its wonderful display of swimming pool, spa, sauna, steam room and associated products. The following contact telephone numbers will be available for you to call for all your swimming pool needs and we attach a map for the showroom.

A team of four engineers will be ready to service all your needs – but still book early for pool opening! We want to take this opportunity of thanking you all for your valued custom and Steve and Jennifer and the team look forward to seeing you this summer.

It’s Time To HIBERNATE Your Pool For The Winter

Here at Barton lake we have all the chemicals you need to protect you pool from algae this winter.

We are offering 10% off Bio Shock Xtra (5kg).

Step-By-Step Winterisation Instructions:

  1. Get your pool water balanced. Bring us a sample of your pool water for testing. We’ll perform a full water analysis so that your pool can be balanced
  2. Check for metals. Metals left untreated in stagnant pool water can cause unsightly stains that will prove difficult to remove next spring. BioGuard Pool Magnet will be recommended to prevent staining.
  3. Clean you filter. During the swimming season your filter media will have collected grease, oils and cosmetics, which will impair its efficiency. If there is any scale in the filter this can set solid during the winter months when the filter is not in use. Cleaning your filter media with BioGuard Deep Cleanse will prevent these problems and ensure your filter performs at peak efficiency next season.
  4. Shock Dose. With pool filtration in operation check chlorine level. Shock treat the pool using BioGuard Bio Shock, BioGuard Bio Shock Rapid or Sodium Hypochlorite. We recommend that the pool water temperature is below 10°C (50°F) otherwise the winterising treatment may not be effective.
  5. Oxidise wastes. Treat your water with quick dissolving BioGuard Burn Out Lite, supplied as part of the BioGuard Hibernate winterising programme. Pour the Burn Out Lite into the deep end of your pool or close to the returning inlets. Run the pump and filter for several hours to distribute thoroughly. The recommended dosage is one 400g sachet per 50m (11,000 gallons).
  6. Protect pool from algae growth. Add BioGuard Hibernate Algaecide directly to the pool water around the edges with the pump and filter in operation. After dosing the pool allow the pump to run for several hours to aid even distribution of the product. The recommended dose of Hibernate Algaecide is 1.0 litre per 50m3 (11,000 gallons).
  7. Partially drain the pool or not? All pools are constructed differently and some pumps have frost stats fitted, we therefore recommend that you seek our advice on whether or not to partially drain your pool.
  8. Clean you cover. Before putting your solar cover away for the winter, clean it with BioGuard Stowaway. Stowaway will remove stains, prevent mouldy smells and preserve the cover.
  9. Prepare equipment for winter. If you don’t have a frost stat fitted you should drain the water from your pump, filter and heater. As each installation is different we suggest that you seek our advice.
  10. Cover the pool. A well -designed cover will keep your pool relatively free of leaves and debris. If you decide not to cover your pool you will need to give your pool and additional shock dose about mid-winter. If you’re unsure please see our advice.

New Product – Spa AquaGarde

We have been busy researching the market to find alternatives to chlorine. Lately there have been a lot of wonder products for sale. Our governing body BISHTA which regulates all pool water chemistry has been extremely sceptical about many of the claims, as have we with our extensive knowledge of water treatment. However we are trialling a product which we think will stand the tests.

Spa AquaGarde is a safe and comprehensive water management system when used in conjunction with a holistic approach to hot tub cleanliness, responsible bathing practices, ozonation and/or sanitisers, effective pump circulation and filtration.

We would like you to help us trail this product, by giving us your reactions.

We are offering 10% off your first purchase of Spa AquaGarde and if you let us know how you find it we will give you 10% off your next purchase of whichever spa chemical you wish to buy.

Start Of Season Treatments

In outdoor pools, chlorine is drawn out of the water by the sun making it more difficult to maintain the ideal level. This waste of chlorine costs you not only time in having to keep closing the pool, but also money because extra chlorine is used. Stabiliser is normally applied to the pool once at the start of the swimming season and will reduce the amount of chlorine lost to sunlight during the season.

We are offering 2kg of Stabiliser for £13.00 (normal retail price £14.50).

Renovating Your Pool – New Liners

There are now many exciting products on the market and we can now offer motifs for the bottom of the pool. A swimming dolphin is no longer confined to a tiled pool; it can cavort happily at the bottom of a liner pool too.

Hot Tubs

The spa market continues to grow. If you haven’t taken the plunge with a hot tub come and see our wonderful range in our extended showroom.

New Product – AquaChek TruTest

This has been developed specifically for pool and hot tub owners. This digital teststrip reader combines the ease and accuracy of the AquaChek test strips with advanced technology. Now there’s no guesswork required to interpret colour results – just dip a test strip in your pool or hot tub, insert in the test strip reader and get fast accurate digital results in seconds. These retail at £88.00 (including the special strips).

If purchased before 31st May 2007 we can offer 10% off the AquaChek TruTest Kit.

New Product – Luxury Log Cabins

Our wooden pools and hot tubs continue to sell well. We have been asked by many people to find a suitable enclosure for these products, so that they can be accommodated in a building resulting in a very competitive indoor pool and hot tub enclosure.

New Product – Backwash Water Saver

Recycle Backwash water. Our suppliers have developed a simple solution which when used during backwashing can help to ensure pools remain in use even if there is a Drought Order in place. Back wash filter pack £105.00 + VAT

Expansion Of Our Showroom

We have been really pleased with the reaction to the new showroom expansion and many customers both old and new have welcomed the opportunity to see more products on display.

New Member Of The Team

Vicky has moved to a new job in the Midlands to work for Arctic Spas. We wish her well. Carly has already joined us and has worked closely with Vicky to ensure a smooth take over.