Bath Options Available Today

If you were remodeling your bathroom a few decades ago, the choice of bathtub would have been a relatively simple decision, as basically, the only option was a regular bath tub that would be installed against two walls, or possibly three. However, if you are thinking of reforming the smallest room in the house today, you will find there are many options available to you, and knowing which type of bathtub to choose can be quite daunting. Here we take a look at just some of the bathtub styles on the market ranging from freestanding bathtubs to luxury whirlpool tubs.

Drop-in baths

Drop-in baths look very elegant as they have a finished edge that is intended for dropping into a deck or a custom –made surround. A drop in tub can be installed in many creative locations, such as the corner of a room, on an island, or sunk into the floor. A support is placed beneath the bath. A drop in bathtub is ideal if you want a unique and stylish design and have enough space for a sizeable attractive surround.

Walk-in tubs

A walk-in bathtub is ideal for those with mobility issues, as you pen a doo, walk into the bath and sit down on a seat. You can choose to have a walk-in tub with whirlpool jets installed, which has marvelous therapeutic benefits. You will find walk-in tubs in a wide choice of colors, sizes, and many different widths and lengths, so it is easy to find a bathtub to suit your available space and also your budget.

Freestanding baths

Freestanding baths are very trendy, and they look amazing, as they can be installed some distance from the wall or in the centre of the bathroom if you prefer. The bath base can be placed directly on the floor, though many consumers prefer to support the bath on decorative feet or on a plate. 

Alcove baths

Alcove bathtubs fit into a three-walled space or recess, which is perfect for a bath and shower setup. These types of baths make use of space in unusually shaped rooms and are usually very easy to install.

Corner baths

Corner baths are made to fit into the corner of the bathroom. These spacious and elegant tubs are usually five-sided and are designed for two people to bathe at the same time comfortably.

Undermount tubs

Bathtubs undermount installation is to that of a drop in baths, as the bath edge is finished beneath a cutout solid-surface deck or surround, and hence, you do not see it. Bathtubs undermount installation furnishings give the room a spa-like look and are perfect if you are not too limited for space.

Whirlpool tubs

With a whirlpool bath system, the water is pulled from the path and forced through powerful jets to give a massage like the benefit to the muscles and body. Whirlpool baths are a fantastic option if you suffer from any aches and pains, as they will help soothe the muscles and reduce pressure on the joints.